Nutritional therapy in critically ill patients-a review of current evident for clinicians - Emma Ridley, Dashiell Gantner, Vincent Pellegrino - Clinical Nutrition 2015; 34: 565-571
MAY 2016

Nutrition support in critically ill patients is considered as one of the standard measure in the care bundle in the new era of medical advances.  Timely, appropriate nutrition support will have positive impact to their outcomes.  However, in recent years, with the publication of some conflicting results from few large randomized controlled studies, we may have lost the direction of what to do in taking care of this group of patients.


This is a very good review article written by the Alfred Health, Australia in addressing the practical issues that we are facing everyday in taking care of the critically ill patients. It reviews the following important puzzles;


1) Nutrition risk assessment in ICU

2) How do we know the energy and protein goal?

3) How to deliver enteral nutrition?

4) What about the role of parenteral nutrition?

5) Specific amino acids or micronutrients in critical illness

6) Widely disseminated guidelines around the world

7) Future direction


We hope this article may give you a quick but wide snap-shot of the current nutrition support in ICU.  Please enjoy!


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